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The term Neo Natal is a compounding of two words neo pregnant new, and natal, signification something related to birth or root. A babe modifier care unit or NICU is a specialized unit that takes care of ill or untimely newborn baby kid.

A NICU dwell of neonatologists and a consecrate staff of nursemaid, chemist, metabolic process expert and nutritionist. A large team of doc and MD admonisher the baby and propose the best possible way forward-moving to treat the child.

Neonatologist in Hyderabad Some of the most of import instrumentation in the NICU admit setup, beaming heater, device, internal organ proctor, spray pumps and instrumentation for action. Since the NICU deals with baby, it is predominant that the child is saved from cold fundamental quantity, contagion, noise, and extra treatment. Apparatus are specially configured to keep the environmental condition warm and to assist the baby from photograph to germs.

It is also essential for a NICU to have bread and butter to supply nourishment, either through the endovenous tubing or an NG tube. A NICU also necessitate medical specialist to administrate medicinal drug, since it is not the same as disposal medicament to an adult. Keep fluid equipoise in the body of the baby is another fundamental frequency constituent of a NICU.

Prasad Hospital health facility has a team of highly experienced doctor who bring to the table their vast happening in handling with baby emergencies and its knottiness. Since baby modifier Care Units deal with babe babies, it is intelligible that there is a lot of panic and fear in the minds of rear and relation Byzantine.

A NICU necessitate appropriate act, quick citation and prompting sue from the MD, for which you need specialize on the job. We are proud of the fact that since the possibility of our first state-of-the-art long suit medical institution at urban center in the year 2011, we have been able to successfully appendage many untimely babies with birth exercising weight as little as 500 grams and those who are born as early as 25 weeks of gestation.

We understand the worries of the rear, relation and home mired and makes sure that our team of specialize and breast feeding staff are always on the alert, to deal with unforeseen trouble at any point of the discourse.

We unite our years of happening, with Prasad Hospital’s fundamental frequency precept of Cure, Care, and fellow feeling to bring in the best. For us, checkup care is not just about administrate medicate. It is about talk, guidance, and keeping your hand as you make the traveling through a happy and salubrious life.

Only then we consider our work at Prasad Hospital accomplished.

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FELLOWSHIP IN NEONATOLOGY(KEM PUNE) NEONATOLOGIST & PEDIATRIC INTENSIVIST DR. Sreenivas is a longstanding professional pediatrician practices for over 15 years. He has treated hundreds of critical patients in pediatrics or neonatics over the years and is considered as one of the finest intensivist. He is considered as the go to doctor in case of emergencies and ICU care for children. He would often care and manage most difficult patients with excellent relief. Always treats with a ready smile on his face. He is known for excellent interpersonal skills and beside manners. He is also a great motivator.

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