Best Pediatrician KPHB Colony - Prasad Hospital

Pediatrics department is fully equipped and managed by experienced Pediatricians.

24 hours neonatal intensive care unit is equipped with incubators, ventilators, warmers, sepsis isolation chamber etc.

Best Gynaecologist KPHB Colony - Prasad Hospital

Department has fully equipped labor room with fontal monitors and exclusive operation theater for any Gynaec emergencies.

general medicine

Center of excellence for Diabetes mellitus and its emergencies like High blood sugars , Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Diabetic coma.

Cardiologist KPHB Colony - Prasad Hospital

Our –Non –invasive cardiology department is equipped with latest generation cardiac machines machine supported by experienced & most eminent team of cardiologists & well trained paramedical staff.

Pulmonologist KPHB Colony - Prasad Hospital

The lungs, upper airways, thoracic cavity, and chest wall are among the respiratory system’s components that are the focus of the department of pulmonology at Prasad Hospital.

Orthopedic Surgeon KPHB Colony - Prasad Hospital

This department deals with all aspects of Orthopedics, Trauma, Arthoplasty (Joint Replacement), Spine, Arthroscopy.

Best Dermatologist KPHB colony - Prasad Hospital

A wide variety of dermatology diagnostics and auxiliary care are provided by the department of dermatology at Prasad Hospital. The department works hard to provide the finest level of medical knowledge and research, giving our patients and their families a special experience.

ENT Specialist KPHB Colony - Prasad Hospital

We the department of ENT , head & Neck surgery has well equipped state of the art unit, under the supervision of eminent E.N.T. surgeons perform all upper airway concerned procedures.

Gastroenterologist KPHB Colony - Prasad Hospital

Our gastroenterology department has comprehensive facilities to tackle the most complicated gastrointestinal problems . complete range of endoscopes , fiber optic colonoscopy facilities are available.

neurologist KPHB Colony -Prasad Hospital

Our Neurology/Neuro surgery department has full-fledged diagnostic & therapeutic modalities. The department of neurosciences is working round the clock to tackle any emergencies and neurological disorders.

urologist KPHB colony - Prasad Hospital

Apart from the routine procedures like URSL , PCNL and TURP , microscopic re-canalization , ureteric re-plantation and radical cystectomies were also been done. 24 hrs dialysis facilities available.

Diagnostic Centre KPHB Colony - Prasad Hospital

Well established and round the clock functioning diagnostic wing equipped with state of the art equipment’s ranging from simple investigations to various special investigations.